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Rohan P. Mouton


Graphic Design

For numerous year Rohan has been working as a Graphic Designer. He has worked with various vector programs, digitising artwork for clients and designing logos from scratch. Digital editing of pictures and graphics is also something that Rohan is very familiar with.

With a wide variety in designing projects and clients in various industries, Rohan has designed many pieces of artwork that broadens his experience vastly.

Recently Rohan has designed artwork for clients of which the logos were used to go onto their websites (which he also designed). He likes to make his work fit the individual / their company to have a unique look and feel for each.

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Web Design

Most of his career, Rohan has been in the digital designing industry. He thoroughly enjoys Web Designing as it is a highly evolving industry where one can never learn enough and know everything. As a matter of fact, he is currently working on improving his skills in the latest design techniques.

After finishing his B.Sc. Degree in Computing, Rohan has found a great interest in the development industry, which he is also currently working on improving his skills and knowledge.

Rohan has experience in html and css mainly, and I use WordPress as a Content Management System to build websites with. With the highly adjustable and customisable themes that are available for WordPress, many features are available to make the design process quick and easy.

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Internet Marketing

We all know that in order for people to notice our business, we need to do advertising. If you have gone through all the trouble of starting a business, and you do not do any advertising, it is similar to writing a novel that could be a potential Best Seller, but then just putting it in a cupboard where no one will ever see it.

You need to advertise all the time just as you would with any other type of advertising. The difference between Internet Marketing and offline marketing is that you do not have to continuously print out flyers that will most likely end up in the at the next street corner. Social media has become the “street corner” to advertise your business and drive traffic to your website.

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