Web Designing

Most of his career, Rohan has been in the Graphic- and Web Design industry. He thoroughly enjoys Web Designing as it is a highly evolving industry where you can never learn enough and know everything.

Rohan has experience in html and css mainly, and he uses WordPress as a Content Management System to build websites with. He has also had some exposure to Javascript, jQuery and Bootstrap. Where Javascript and jQuery adds many functions to the look and feel of a web page, and various functions, Bootstrap adheres to the highly desired responsiveness to websites. Seeing that most browsing of websites are done via mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), this is an absolute must have in today’s society for your website.

WordPress is a highly sought after platform to build websites with, especially when considering e-commerce websites. With the highly adjustable and customisable themes that are available for WordPress, many features of Javascript, jQuery and Bootstrap are readily available to make the design process quick and easy. Having said this, Due to theme structures set in place, in some circumstances, WordPress might not have the full adjustability that sometimes is required in a webpage. With the database that WordPress websites are built on, this makes even small websites (4 – 5 page) very big to work with and to load. In these circumstances, html websites with only the required features and code tends to work much better.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) are what makes your website rank better on search engines like Google or Bing. Writing the right content on your web pages in the correct way to be picked up and infiltrated by search engines makes the take of writing your web content a bit more intricate. Keywords and key phrases are of high importance in this aspect, so picking these and having them in all the right places can be a bit more of a daunting task than some might tink.