In 2023 Rohan had enrolled in the TEFL/TESOL 250-Hour Expert Diploma course through Global Language Training based in the United Kingdom. He completed this course in the beginning of January 2024 via online training. He learned an incredible amount of information regarding teach various divisions of students and found numerous areas where his past education can be combined with this new industry.

The vast number of methods that can be used in modern-day teaching to educate learners is truly astounding and it definitely is a field in which there can be seen just how technology can help us rather than being a hinderance. Blended learning is one of these areas and this is also a field in which Rohan has found great interest and inspiration, coming from a technological career background.

When it comes to teaching, there are also many different criteria that can be taught. From teaching younger children, teenagers, to adults. Then, not only can English be taught in terms of the general language, or grammar focused, but individuals who deal with international clients at work, can also benefit from learning Business English. Having studied his MBA degree, Rohan has found great interest in teaching Business English to professionals and also vocabulary and grammar to teenagers and older students.

Masters in Business and Administration (MBA)

While being in the UK in 2015, Rohan had the opportunity to do his MBA Degree through London School of Commerce (LSC), although the course was registered with Anglia Ruskin University. It is here that he found his greatest passion for the Business Industry. Rohan thoroughly enjoyed every moment of his MBA Degree and it made him realise just how exciting the Business side of things really is.

While learning an immense load of things in an industry which he has never worked in before, Rohan particularly found great joy in the excitement of Marketing, International Business, as well as Financial Management. In all of his subjects he has discovered many interesting factors due to all the assignments that had to be done as part of the MBA course and this required much in depth research in each subject.

In his final semester, Rohan decided on a Business Development Proposal (BDP) as the project that he would do. This was a very exciting decision for him as he find great interest in the starting up, development and growth of a business.

Rohan did thorough research on his BDP for the type of business that it revolved and after the completion of his MBA Degree, he found out that a very similar business opened in the exact location where he proposed the business to be in his BDP. When he got back to South Africa, Rohan had many ideas of businesses that he would like to start. When thinking of one of the types of businesses that would be a good idea to start in South Africa, two weeks later a business acquaintance of his (not having spoken to them about my idea) started up a business in that exact industry. These two occurrences made him highly excited as being inexperienced in the Business Industry, he is able to see a gap in the market for which there is a clear market in those gaps.

B.Sc. (Hons.) Computing

As mentioned earlier, Rohan was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to study in the UK in 2012. He did his B.Sc. (Hons.) Degree in Computing and Software Development through LSC although the course was registered with Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Coming from a Designing Industry in Graphics and Websites, Rohan really enjoyed the time of studying his B.Sc. Degree. As he had experience in many of the subjects that were covered, Rohan really enjoyed having an understanding of it and also to learn the updated means of doing certain things and also the technologies that are used.

There were quite a few subjects in which he have had no experience whatsoever, and this expanded his knowledge and understanding of the industry very much (especially the development side of things).

Diploma in Mechanical Draughting

In 2008 Rohan completed his National Diploma in Mechanical Draughting using AutoCAD through INTEC Distance Learning College. As he haas always thoroughly enjoyed Technical Drawings at school and wanted to study something that entailed these type of drawings, this course was perfect for Rohan to enhance those skills.

The strengths of the various materials was a very interesting subject and how the acid baths were done for different metals was something he found very intriguing.

Also the use of keys in certain components of a machine to ensure that costs stay low in case of malfunctions or damage of the component was almost an epiphany as to why they are used.

AutoCAD was also extremely enticing to work with coming from a Technical Drawing side.

This whole course was an highly enjoyable experience for Rohan. His average overall for the whole course 88% which portrays fairly well how much he enjoyed it.

Diploma in Sports- & Exercise Nutrition

Seeing that Rohan has a great passion for the Fitness Industry, he has for a very long time wanted to know which are the right foods to eat to enhance one’s training and also to know how much to eat for your own body and for different types of training.

As he read a lot on various topics of fitness and training, Rohan thought that he had a good understanding of what he should be eating and how much, considering the training that he was doing. When starting the Sports- & Exercise Nutrition course through Shaw Academy, he soon figured that his eating habits and what he should be eating, were worlds apart.

In terms of what he should be eating, Rohan received high amounts of lists of which foods to eat and which to avoid. He also found out that combinations of various “not so good” foods, can eventually (as a combination) turn out as very good and healthy.

Rohan also got to learn how to calculate how much a person should eat depending on their: gender, resting metabolic rate (RMR), weight, the type of training they do, how long they train for and also how many days a week they train. Calculating how much to eat when you want to pick up- or lose weight (the healthy way) was also taught in this course.

Certificate in Graphic- & Web Design

When doing his Certificate Qualification in Graphic- and Web Design through Damelin, Rohan found out the means of digitising artwork, the power of Photoshop and what it can do and also how to design a website from scratch.

Designing a company’s Corporate Identity (CI) is something that he was taught thoroughly and  then also to incorporate it on to various products of the company such as Letterheads and Business Cards. Designing Brochures and Magazine ads where also part of our course.

In terms of Web Designing, they mainly focused of HTML, CSS and Flash. Dreamweaver was used to speed up the design process and for further customisation. Rohan got a thorough understanding of these methods and while he was in the UK, he did a short course in WordPress in order get a good understanding of how it works. He has been designing most of the websites he has done since then, using WordPress.