From a young age Rohan has had the desire to play drums. As the lack in accessing a drumset and not having anyone to teach him, he have tried to play various other instruments, but this was to no avail.

In secondary school, Rohan was fortunate enough to have someone lend him their drumset to practice on. He immediately fell in love with the instrument. Rohan had to practice for hours and hours on end to be able to do the basics up to more advanced rolls, due to no one teaching him.

Rohan find inspiration from other drummers and try new things that he saw them do, and he would try to mimic it, or to add something to what they did.


Rohan has had a passion for photography since he could remember. From his first film camera, taking pictures of nature and anything he would lay his eyes on, to his first digital mobile phone camera, standing on the edge of the pavement at a rally to get a decent shot.

Recently Rohan was fortunate enough to buy his first DSLR camera. As it is quite a high-tech piece of equipment, Rohan booked a session at a professional photographer to get past the “Auto” function of the camera, and actually start using the camera to its potential. Rohan thoroughly enjoyed every second of the workshop, and he learned a lot in just that one day.

To broaden his knowledge about photography, Rohan refers to many various articles written by other photographers to pick up hints and tips to enhance his own capabilities.

Rohan love taking pictures of nature and different landscapes. Be sure to visit his Photos page to view all his latest pictures.


At the age of 6 Rohan started doing gymnastics. He absolutely loved the sport and the strength training that came with it. Rohan had a fair amount of achievements in this sport, but he had to retire from the sport at the age of 12. He would still do his training at home just to still have that adrenaline rush and also to keep flexible and in shape, but Rohan was looking for something more…

A few years after that Rohan started to go to the gym. He really enjoyed every second of it and looked for various routines on bodybuilding.com to give him variants in his training.

One day the gym was overcrowded, and Rohan went to the Barbell room that was in a different section of the Leisure Centre he was training at. Some of the Powerlifting trainers were there, and they took him under their wing. This is where Rohan found his love  and passion for Powerlifting. Over a period of time, Rohan started lifting much heavier weights than he ever though would be possible. The rush when hitting a new 1 Rep Max was addictive.

In October 2021, Rohan was invited by one of the guys from his local gym to take part in a powerlifting competition. The Badger Classic event was part of the Rhino Powerlifting Club (RPC) association. With nerves having a big part of the first 2 events (Squats and Bench), Rohan managed to get a very good and relaxed lift on the last event (deadlift). The whole day was an amazing day and great experience for Rohan and in that single day, he learnt more about powerlifting than in the previous year that he has practiced the sport. To top it all off, Rohan managed to finish first in his division on the day.

In order to bring back the focus of what he looked like physically (losing body fat) while still enhancing his performance at the gym, Rohan did a course in Sport- & Exercise Nutrition. Through this course Rohan learned a lot in terms what  to eat and how much to eat to support his type of training. Rohan isn’t where he wants to be yet, physically, but each and every day is one step closer. Always staying focused, and never satisfied…