About Rohan

Rohan P. Mouton, is from South Africa
where he grew up in George in the Western Cape.

rohan p. moutonRohan is a passionate individual with a very wide set of interests from his love of Sports, Graphic- and Web Designing, Photography, the Business Industry, to the Financial Markets. Being a goal driven person, Rohan likes to set new goals as soon as he achieves one, which makes him constantly wanting to grow more and better himself.

For most of his career Rohan has worked in the Graphic- and Web industry  where he enjoyed expressing his creative side and keeping up with the latest design techniques and technologies. The Web Industry has evolved vastly in the past few years, which makes it a very interesting field to work in and exciting to keep up with the newest trends and techniques.

With many Content Management Systems (CMS’s) being available nowadays, the ways in which websites are being designed have changed dramatically. With the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) functionality being integrated into the back end of the CMS, this part (with a fair bit of knowledge of how SEO works) has been made much more understandable and easy to incorporate with the right plugins.

Another method of designing websites, being used more recently, is Website Builders. For basic websites, it has been made fairly easy to design a quick website on these platforms. In order to have your own custom functions within the website, you will need some knowledge of coding in the back end of the website. For a quick, basic, but very nice looking website, these website builders can come in very handy.

Rohan was fortunate in having the opportunity to go to
London, United Kingdom, to further his studies.

In 2012 Rohan started his B.Sc. (Hons.) Degree in Computing and Software Development at London School of Commerce (LSC), through Cardiff Metropolitan University. He thoroughly enjoyed it and his knowledge expanded highly in terms if the development side of the industry. While be busy with his degree in Computing, Rohan was working as a Web Designer to keep up with some of the design techniques and he also did a short course in learning to work with WordPress. This opened up so many new features and abilities for his designing of websites. Rohan completed his B.Sc. (Hons.) course in 2014.

Having finished his Computing Degree, Rohan was left with the decision in either returning to South Africa or further his studies even more. In April 2015, Rohan enrolled to do his MBA Degree also at LSC, but through Anglia Ruskin University. This is where he found his passion for the Business Industry. Rohan learned so much throughout the course of his MBA and a close friend of his mentioned that in the 5 years that they have known each other, his friend has never seen him get so excited about something as he (Rohan) did about the Business Industry. The Business Industry makes him “come alive”, the friend said. Rohan completed his MBA Degree in 2016.


While being busy with his MBA degree, Rohan started to work as a Business Analyst, for a dental company, and this intrigued him very much. Rohan likes to look at how a business operates and compare it to the current market. From there he then looks at how the company’s resources can be implemented in such a way to help the business perform better in the current market.

Rohan constantly looks at new products that can be brought into the market that there are clear needs for. Seeing how many various needs there are in the South African market makes him excited in knowing that there is no shortage in business in South Africa, just a lack of innovative thinkers. This in turn makes opportunities for new Business Developers much more open and available. The process of getting investors are in most cases the difficult part for a new Business Developer to get into the market.

In his free time Rohan likes to learn more about how modern businesses operate, as well as expanding his knowledge in areas in which he find an interest. He also likes to keep himself busy with his various hobbies in order to try an keep a somewhat balanced lifestyle.

Since returning form the UK in 2016, Rohan now resides in Centurion.