Graphic Designing

In 2006, Rohan started with his studies in George. Upon discovering the course he did in Graphic- and Web Design, he was fascinated by what could be achieved in the aspect of graphic design. The creative work with graphics as well as the manipulation of photos that can be achieved was a dimension that Rohan has not thought of before.

Throughout his studies, Rohan became well acquainted with various software packages used in the designing industry. Vector packages were something fun and exciting to work with, and then the introduction to Photoshop commenced. The possibilities that could be done with this software package was absolutely mind blowing and this was only the introduction to it.

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While working with the various software packages, Rohan became thoroughly able to design various artwork pieces which were then used to virtually put onto different objects and surfaces. The design world just became bigger and bigger and Rohan learned more and more of how powerful each tool is that was used.

Rohan has had numerous years of experience in the designing industry, creating various pieces of artworks such as logos, flyers, business cards, letterheads, brochures, banners, magazine ads, as well as the artwork that was used on websites that he created.